John Adams.

I corralled Jeremy into teaching a Sunday School class about John Adams. He’s been reading Adams’s biography as well as the history of Unitarianism, so I figured he’d like to teach a class to the 2nd – junior high kids.

I didn’t realize that I had also signed up to volunteer in the nursery at the same time – so I needed to take Edda with me to my own volunteer activity. I usually don’t take Edda with me to church (or Jeremy for that matter), so this was all new to me. I was a little concerned that Edda would be fussy or unhappy and I would have to abandon my post in the nursery, leaving the other volunteer to deal with 8-10 toddlers – I don’t like abandoning my assigned post.

We buckled everyone up in our own little parade:


As it turned out, Edda had a fine time for half of the service (she was a little loud, but the 2-year-olds took it all in stride). For the other half of the service, she fell asleep on the floor.


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