San Francisco Airport, Gigantic Squashes & Blackberries

Rena and I have paid-home-trip each month. To get to Portland, OR from San Luis Obispo, CA by air, San Francisco Airport is the natural place for us to make connecting flights. Therefore, Donald and us take full-advantage of this situation by gathering at the SF airport, and having dinner together, chatting.

Yesterday, we did just that and had a lot of fun together. This year, fortunately, we see Donald more often than any other year after his high school years.

But, I can never figure out why sometimes the long layover in the airport costs much more. And sometimes, it costs less. On the high end, it is about $150 difference per ticket between 1 hour compared with 3-4 hour layover. I kind of figure it has to do with the outbound traffic patterns from San Francisco to Portland, OR. during evening hours at summer time. What is it? Really, I just don’t know.

Oh, when I was on the plane yesterday, a lady flight attendant came by and served us drinks. She asked us whether we would like to have some wine/liquid. I said “No Thanks”. The guy, sat next to me with the military uniform on and, evidently, just coming back from Iraq, lamented that he won’t spend $6 dollars for a drink. The flight attendant smiled at him and said “it is on us” and gave him two bottles of liquid. Several minutes later, she handed over another two. Just before landing, she gave him a gift bag. It had 10 bottles in it. He drank two right away and put all other bottles into his numerous pockets on his uniform.

I wonder how the flight attendant could expense it. She must have a way. This instance couldn’t stop me thinking about everyone’s bail out money out there and the proposed government sponsored public health care option. It is the Obama-nomics grinding its gears.

Another subject, when we woke up this morning, Mom went to our yard right away and found several gigantic squashes. She planted them several months ago. It grew to its gigantic sizes even without Mom around for almost two months. Has she a remote green thumbs? I think so. Too bad, I took several pictures with my phone but didn’t know how to download it into my computer. I will figure it out and show you next time. They are really big.

She also picked a lot of blackberries grown in the protected public natural drainage area along our backyard. They were big and delicious.

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