We love McDonalds.

On Sunday (8/2), Jeremy, Edda, Ruby and I got into the car without the Vince-meister and headed to Baltimore where Jeremy dropped me and Edda off at the Ronald McDonald house.


It’s a very nice place, they gave us all a tour – (including Ruby who the director of the house decided was going on the tour as a service dog so she didn’t have to stay in the hot car). People stay in the house for as long as three months at a time while undergoing treatments at Johns Hopkins. Thankfully, we were only staying 1 night. There were volunteers who served us pizza and we went to bed watching Legally Blonde. Jeremy left right before the pizza to head home and get back to work the next day.

The next day, we checked into the hospital for three days to do the 2nd half (we did the first half two years ago) of a Rett study (Pathonegenisis of Rett Syndrome with Dr. Naidu). Look it’s just like House – doctors all taking about Very Important Things.


Here’s our bed (I slept here too. Sigh.)


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  1. I love that you got that picture of those residents just doing their thing. I wonder if anyone has taken a picture of me like that? Funny. Not funny: hospital beds

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