In and out of the car.

While we are still in the midst of working out our van purchase with the Bruno seat, we’ve been working with Edda to see if we could teach her to help herself into and out of the car. She’s just a smidgen under 50 lbs now – so it’s important that we keep the lifting to a minimum and also since Edda’s mobility is one of her strengths, it’s nice to be able to use her abilities of stepping up and standing to help us out and to challenge her body in different ways.


Jeremey’s worked out this system with a BOLMEN stool from IKEA so that Edda can step up onto the bench. Then we spin her around so her butt is facing the car and then we ease her into the seat while tucking her head a little so it doesn’t hit the door frame. Very little lifting on our part – just a little spotting and steady-ing; then you reverse the process to get out of the car. There is a small problem when she falls asleep in the car and then you want to get her out – sometimes I just sit in the parking lot and wait for her to wake up and then I go into Target (somehow this always happens at Target) with her. I have found that a copy of the latest People magazine is helpful in passing the time in that situation.

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for this post today!!! We have been struggling with this, too. Caitlyn is 45 lbs now (thanks to the g-tube!) and it is so hard to get her in and out! And now I am expecting, so shouldn't really be lifting her in and out!! I'm gonna try this! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. We have a booster seat that is not secured to the car, we just buckle the car seat belt over Edda and her booster. So when we are easing her in, we turn the booster towards the door so we/she has something to aim for. Then once she's seated, we turn the booster back to regular position. Jeremy's better than I am at it, it does take practice for both parties.

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