Loose ends.


The plumbing got fixed, turns out that the blue stuff is fire stop which prevents flames from having easy access through holes cut in the floorboard and hopefully buying one a few more moments of escape time… We called a professional in for the repair, which was a good call because even thought it took him only a few hours, it would have taken us 14 trips to Home Depot and we would have probably made a mess out of it. There is still a hole in the ceiling and a hole in the master bedroom’s closet, but at least there is no longer a flood every time that Eliana takes a bath/shower. To celebrate, I managed to find another leaking pipe, this time it’s from the 1st floor sink into the basement. Hooray us!

The car battery did get replaced. Jeremy read on Consumer Reports that Costco sold the “best value” car battery – so for a brief moment, we thought about joining Costco. We haven’t joined yet because we can only shop on the weekends and the lines at Costco are legendary on the weekends. Actually, forget about the check-out lines, the lines just to find a parking spot are legendary. So Jeremy went on a weeknight to check out their car battery section and they were out of the exact type that we needed. So instead of buying a battery from Costco and doing it ourselves, we sent the car to the shop and got a new battery there. I know, we could have been more thrifty, but what can I say – convenience won out because even though Jeremy and I don’t drive, the kids are on the road quite a bit.

The kitchenaid is fixed. Nine dollars people! Nine dollars 🙂 Notice the little envelope containing spare part from Ebay. I love Ebay for finding little crap like spare parts to home appliances.


In thanks for dogsitting, Colleen and Eric got me this fabulous pink loungewear from the Outer Banks. You can’t really tell from the photo, but it has some sparkly beading in the flowers. The pairing with the orange Crocs add a little Pop! to the outfit I think…


Happy 09-09-09 everyone! Not as lucky as 08-08-08, but fun nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Loose ends.”

  1. Hey, if you hit Costco right when it opens on weekends it's super fast. Also, when it's crowded, the lines actually go faster because there're more cashiers. (Wow, a store that makes sense!)

  2. I don't think that I can get my act together enough on the weekends to time my trips to Costco. I think we'll join once I start working from home..

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