I decided this year that we would join the Cub Scouts. Our local troop is made up of a bunch of boys that Vince knows and likes from school and also the troop encourages (or actually requires) parents to be with the kids and volunteer during all the meetings and trips and also encourages siblings to participate in any of their activities. It was this inclusiveness of the siblings that drew me to this particular pack (Edda’s going to do the Pinewood Derby!). I’m also hoping that we get to know a bunch of families in the neighborhood. It also helps that we went to the orientation for new scouts last week and Vince had a great time. So we are scouting. (I’m only 1/2 done sewing on the patch on the shoulder, that’s why it’s flying off at a weird angle).


Being part of cub scouts means getting supplies, mainly camping supplies. So Jeremy and I trotted out or camping equipment (now not used for more than 7 years – the last time we used it, we hiked and camped in Colorado for a week far. far away from our parked cars). Can 4 people fit in a 2 person tent? No! Can 4 people fit into 2 mummy sleeping bags? No! The den leader suggested inflatable air mattresses and an 8-person tent so you have plenty of room to change your clothes and assured me that one could drive directly to where the tent will be set up. This is going to be the Ritz-Carleton of camping. I did not know people took air mattresses camping (with electric inflaters!) I’m trying to talk Jeremy into the air mattress instead of the air foam sleeping pad.


4 thoughts on “Scouting!”

  1. It is a very good things to do for all family! We would like to buy the tent for you guys. Let us know which type you would like to have and we will order one. Or give us a bill.

  2. We are borrowing or renting the equipment just to see if it works out and we want to do it more often. So right now, the $$ commitment is quite small.

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