Shanghai-ChongMing Island Bridge

The Shanghai-Chongming-Island bridge will be open to traffic soon. It consists of bridges, land-based high ways and underwater tunnels. I think Mom is pretty excited about it. After all, she spent most of her childhood there.
Last time, we all went to Mom’s home town by boat. This time, we can get there by car. Maybe, we can rent a car and drive ourselves.
Therefore, I am thinking maybe, next year, or next, next year. Jeremy, Doris, Donald, Vincent, Edda, Mom and I can go to visit Chong Ming together again. Mom has a house built there and she stayed there only for a couple days about two years ago. I have never had a chance to visit the house though.
Shanghai is my birthplace. In this trip, we can also visit Xiamen where my family originated, Taiwan where I grew up and Jeremy got some of his pay checks, and Hong Kong where Mom’s Big Brother lives.
That should be an exciting trip for every one.

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