Disney cruise!

We are back from Florida! We had a great time on our Disney vacation. Never in our lives have we ever considered doing anything Disney, but somehow in the last 3 months or so, a set of circumstances coalesced into a perfect storm and we found ourselves in a fantasy world for about 5 days this Thanksgiving week! For the first 3 days, we were on the Disney Wonder which set sail for island owned by the Disney corporation in the Bahamas called the Castaway Cay.

Edda was a touch feverish on the day the cruise was suppose to leave. We were not optimistic about traveling with a sick child in a confined space. But she recovered rapidly, and after a good night’s sleep on the boat, she was fine.


Vince partying at the launch.


Edda meeting Mickey.


My parents – encouraging both gambling (BINGO) and drinking! Wow!


Edda at sunrise:


Special needs beach wheelchair. Disney did live up to its incredible reputation for taking care of special needs kids. We saw lots of wheelchairs and lots of accommodations!


Jeremy avoiding the sun with a polo shirt and a black rain umbrella. Yeah. He’s not a beach guy – but he’s a good sport.


The weather was beautiful.



Feeding the stingrays.


Part 2 tomorrow!

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