Love the library.

The library is a weekly stop for us, usually it’s only one of the adults to do a quick dash in to check out some books for all four of us and then a quick dash out. However, this Saturday, everyone went to the library. Edda had fun going up and down the stacks – we are always on the look for stories with a rhyme or rhythm for her. Vince is on an Encyclopedia Brown kick. Jeremy’s reading about the Brooklyn Bridge, I’m into murder mysteries.


6 thoughts on “Love the library.”

  1. Rockville Library is awesome! Wish we could get there more often. Encyclopedia Brown is awesome, too. And whose mysteries are you reading? I need some new authors to try…

  2. I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – awesome. I've also been reading Lee Child's books, I've read about 4-5 of his books and now they are all kind of the same… I thought I'd never read murder mysteries because I thought they were too gory, but I love them now because all problems are solved in the end. Unlike life which has no solutions!

  3. Hi Tara,
    I've heard about the clinical trials in Boston – which are funded via IRSF! Hooray! I'm not sure where in the process they are in terms of signing people up – I know lots of folks are excited… Do you need the contact info or anything?

  4. Have you tried Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers? Not gory at all! Actually I've noticed that British mysteries tend to be much cleaner than American ones. Are we that much more barbaric???

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