Moving my office, one milkcrate at a time.

There really is nothing like going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark to put one into a good funk. Grrr. I do not like being in the darkness a lot. I came home today in not a great mood – I was thinking about Edda (which is what I always do when I feel funky), it seemed to me that she wasn’t high-five-ing as much these days and with the extra rigidity that is settling into her arms, I was all concerned about her having lost this one cute little thing that she could do. I know in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a huge loss, it just seemed so sad that another line of communication or back and forth interaction between us was being closed off. Who doesn’t like a good high five? Anyways, I was also grumpy that it seemed we had lost Edda’s DVD collection with her top 10 favorites and I was going to have to go around scrounging for used ones on eBay or something so we won’t be bored to tears watching Finding Nemo 17,000 times.

As soon as I got home, I grumbled these complaints to Jeremy – he said that Edda high-5ed him at breakfast this morning and that she still does it just fine – that she doesn’t do it for me because I just sit there and say hi-5 Edda! without adequate reason for her to do it. Vince heard my complaint about the DVDs and said, “I know where they are, they are under the couch!” (Perhaps Vince has known this for more than 36 hours, who knows, big mystery…). Jeremy looked me squarely in the eye and said, “The real reason you are grumpy is that you are going to work from home soon…” I protested and said that that wasn’t true. It certainly isn’t really what I’m thinking about, but I sure am finding reasons to be a little grumpy.

For whatever reason (well, really because I like to suffer and I hate to drive), I’m moving my office files and random supplies home a little every day this whole month. In this load, I’ve got an amaryllis plant, some post it notes and a chemistry reference book.


2 thoughts on “Moving my office, one milkcrate at a time.”

  1. What am I going to do without you!?!?!? But on the plus side, you get to work in the light =).

    Also I can't help but think this:

    "Our applicant's will blot out the sun!"
    "Then we will examine in the shade!"

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