Technology update.

Household technology update – got FiOS and ditched Comcast. It’s a little nerve wracking to see someone drill a hole in the side of the house, but FiOS is awesome. Working at home has lost the little 0.5-1 second lag time and everything streams better now. Verizon gave us window of 9 am – 5 pm for the installation. They came at 4:45 pm and stayed until 8 – which wasn’t a huge deal, but I felt bad for the person installing in the cold and the dark. I actually asked if she wanted a “snack”, forgetting that one usually asks adults if they want something to eat and not a snack. Adults don’t have snacks, right?

These are the guys who dug the trench in our lawn the day before.


We also got a hand-me down TV from folks who are updating to a flat-panel TV. This is where I learned the technical difference between a flat-screen and a flat-panel TV. We got the flat-screen hand-me-down TV. The screen is flat, but the TV certainly is not. This is going to be the largest TV in the house – both in terms of screen size and in volume. Jeremy was trying to figure out how to bring this heavy monstrosity down to the basement and he decided that loading it into our special needs bike stroller, strapping it with tie downs and wheeling down to the back door was the best idea.


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  1. We had FiOS at Princeton, NJ because we loved to watch Olympics. I just didn't know how they would make $$$. A lot of equipment associates with that.

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