Xmas party.

Last night, we drove into DC to go to Jeremy’s work Christmas party. It was freezing cold and we got there at 6:30 – I wasn’t sure how long we were going to stay as, you know, we all get sleepy at 7:15 pm.

You know, most Christmas parties are famous for someone getting drunk and acting all stupid, but at this one, they broke out the banjo and 3 guitars and sang songs around the candle-lit tables.


Edda fell asleep – which meant that we could stay a little longer at the party – although she did get up at 9:30 pm really angry that she wasn’t at home tucked into her real, warm, soft bed. (We did leave pretty soon after that).


Vince would have liked to have more kids at the party, there were only 3 other kids that were around his age, all the other kids were 6-18 months old. They took over Edda’s DVD player and watched Toy Story and Madagascar.


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