Date night.

After I did my little presentation in front of the school board, Jeremy commented to me that he very rarely gets to see me in a “professional” light. I had dressed up a little to go to the school board – a sweater set and dry-clean only pants and I delivered a pretty “professional” type presentation. I laughed and said that not only did I take talking to the school board seriously, but also the night before the school board presentation, I did kind of a fashion faux pas on “date night” and I was trying to make up for it.

The past few “date nights” have been kind of a fiasco for us, it’s hard to find restaurants at the right price point and sometimes we end up spending more money than we want to on food that isn’t very good. Also, we’d rather see the sights than eat, but that is kind of hard to arrange on a Tuesday night. So I’ve been on the lookout for cheaper and funner “date nights”.

What I found was alumni night at a science museum. Our graduate school was hosting an awards ceremony at a small science museum downtown with the assurance that attendees to the event would sit through a SHORT ceremony would get free access to the science museum. I had never heard of the science museum, but I figured I wouldn’t know anyone there and we could sit in the back and that there would be free food and drinks and we could enjoy the science museum.

So I show up right on time and I see the free food and the open bar. However, it turned out that everyone was dressed in suits and ties and there were no seats – no sitting in the back, only milling around and talking to people. I was dressed in a bright yellow T-shirt which advertised an LA rock station and black corduroys and white running shoes. Whoops. And it turns out that I actually knew some people there, so I was a little bit embarrassed. Oh well, at least it was cheap fun.

Free food:


Open bar:


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