The mall.

Went to the mall yesterday to exchange some Christmas gifts. Jeremy ogled the combine tractor at the Lego store. Vince was not interested in exchanging his gift for the combine. No surprise there.


Found a whole store labeled “Petite”. Actually, the name was “Banana Republic Petite”. A whole store just for short people like me! So excited to get pants that fit. Apparently petite people are still 4 inches taller than me. OK, I don’t get these pants. Am I suppose to wear 4 inch heels with them or am I suppose to roll them or am I just suppose to pull them over my feet so the scrunch a bit on the bottom part of my leg? I’m so behind the times.


5 thoughts on “The mall.”

  1. Hem them! I haven't hemmed pants in forever and frankly for the prices in the store, they should sell them all in different lengths so I can find the perfect ones :P.

  2. laff… well there was a reason i bought you a coat. 🙂 no hemming involved. Laff.
    But yeah, everyone has to hem pants. EVERYONE.

    Generally with women's pants too, you must decide whether to hem them for flats or for heels, but I don't know that you ever wear heels. 🙂

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