Where Is Al Gore ???

Where is Al Gore? The weather forecast in the Northern Hemisphere everywhere is for more snow. And it has been in deep freeze for many days already.

Al is investing in a foreign company which gets US government’s $800+ millions loan (from us, US tax payers) to produce $80,000+ futuristic “green” cars. Cars for generally public, don’t think so. Maybe, just for very few “green” people with a lot of “green” notes hanging around.

Without human, global weather changes (ice age vs. global warming) have happened many times before. During those changes, there wasn’t any man-made carbon in the atmosphere.

Yes, everyone needs to conserve, not only conserving energy, but also conserving everything else. “To leave as many as we can before we leave” and “being not wasteful” are always part of me. But to me, “having decent jobs and being able to pay the bills” is the foremost “green” thing that it can happy to any family world-wide.

To become a “green” fanatic (or worst, “green” parasites to feed on others’ job losses) isn’t the way to go. In short, “being green” and “being able to feed oneself” should be side-by-side and, furthermore, they should be hand-in-hand.

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  1. Have you been watching too much Fox TV? Here is what UCS has to say about it.

    “Climate scientists aren’t at all surprised that there are more drenching rain or blizzards in certain parts of the country,” said Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, a climate scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). “That’s consistent with well-documented climate change trends over the past several decades. Unless we take some dramatic steps to curb global warming, we likely will see a lot more regional precipitation over the next few decades.”

    Precipitation in the Northeast has increased markedly over the last century, according to the Northeast Climate Impact Assessment, a collaboration between UCS and a team of more than 50 scientists and economists. Over the past few decades, winter precipitation in the Northeast has increased 0.15 inch per decade.

    The whole thing is here: http://bit.ly/5xwcPS

    But I know what you mean about the expensive toy cars. An $80,000 electric car won't solve anything…

  2. I don't have cable TV at home. My antenna isn't good enough. So, I can only watch CBS, Public Channels, NHK (a Japanese channel), RT (a Russian channel), Aljazeera (an Arabic channel) and a Chinese channel.

    Surprisingly, I think Aljazeera is a pretty good channel to watch. RT is probably the worst one – too much one-sided. In NHK channel, one can tell that Japan is a really clean place which is consistent with my very short tourist experience (just 2 hours) there. But all of them are pretty biased toward their own view points.

    That isn't surprising, American TV channels always how how great we really are. Yes, we are great (so are the other people thinking of themselves) but not that great as depicted in all John Wayne's movies.

    BTW, different views make our world an intersting place to visit before we all depart :). Just as one saying goes "EARTH isn't in trouble, but HUMAN is"

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