Blue and Gold Banquet.

Last night, Vince’s cub scout troop held their annual dinner to celebrate the oldest cub scouts moving onto boy scouts. In the past, they had the event catered, but this year to save money, the parents cooked a spaghetti dinner – a record breaking low per person cost of less than $3 for basically all you can eat pasta, rolls, hot dogs and cookies. I think it was almost half as much as they spent the previous years on food.

Jeremy made a cake:


and served it:


Jeremy and Edda holding up 2 fingers which means “be quiet and pay attention”. Everyone is suppose to notice and put up their own two fingers and be quiet. It didn’t really work that well.


The actual ceremony was a little hokey – but what can you say? They had an old-fashioned fake fireplace fire going. No pictures of Vince, he was moving too fast to capture on (digital) film.


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