The house is falling apart.

Ever since we moved into the house, we’ve noticed that some of the finish work in the house is a little slap dash. These are things that I figure, oh no problem, I’ll just watch some youtube videos and go to Home Depot and fix it myself.

Like the waterlogged grout in the master shower:


Or the missing grout in the laundry room:


But then a soap holder in a shower fell off and revealed an ominous hole behind it. There shouldn’t have been a hole behind the soap holder! And they didn’t use the water resistant drywall! Did they not use any water resistant drywall in all the bathrooms of the house?!? Are all the bathrooms going to crumble because of terrible tile work?


This was a little too much to handle and we needed the bathoom without the soap holder to be back in service really, really quickly, so I had to call someone in. It was pretty much the best money I have ever spent. Took him 4 hours to do an awesome job and fix all the grout work that was broken. In the master shower he lifted off the tile and found a whole well of goopy crap that has not dried in the three years since the tile was set.


Our handyman was super nice, super competent and very reasonably priced. In other words, a gem! Jeremy actually pointed out the drywall patching job that I did on the living room ceiling after the plumber fixed the broken pipe and I was so embarrassed. It’s like showing a professional baker a cake you made from a Betty Crocker mix and then frosted it yourself.

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  1. House needs constant attention – grouting, cleaning, fixing, etc. To be a handyman yourself is fairly interesting and rewarding too. Try it and, hopefully, we will like it.

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