Spirit Week.


Both of the kid’s schools have “spirit week” this week. It’s been PJ day, wacky hair day, dress like your parent day, wacky sock day and wacky hat day ALL WEEK. It’s hard enough to keep the kids clean and dressed each day, but throw something wacky into it and I get all flummoxed. Although I’m usually only responsible for remembering that it is spirit week and not to confuse the days – god forbid you send Edda in PJs on wacky sock day. Since I’m usually already working on patents when the kids are getting dressed, Eliana and Jeremy are responsible for the execution of the wacky plan.

It’s been kind of a roller coaster ride at both of our jobs this week. Everyday we come home and tell each other of the WACKY things happening at work. I have to go into the office tomorrow, maybe I should wear some wacky socks under my plain old work pants.

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