We Made History Last Night

We together made history last night by passing Obamacare legislation.

Philosophically, I just don’t like to see government steps out of her bonds as a regulator, overseer and a public policy shaker and/or maker to become an operator on any kind of business – running Wall Street, running GM, running distribution of bail-out money, etc. And under a tag-along to this bill, the government will soon open the “BANK of DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION” about student loans in the future – loan directly to students. A bank, a monopoly bank, inside the Department of Education?

Hopefully, this piece of monumental legislation will bring in all the benefits that were advertized and promized to the American people. But, looking at our Nation’s balance sheets, one should wonder where all this money is coming from. We, as a nation, are promising beyond our means many folds more. Our balance sheet is tilting to the RED exponentially faster.

Yes, universal health care is important. But, I have seen a lot of people eating to death, smoking to death, drinking to death and/or doping to death. I don’t think it is my responsibility to foot their medical bills. But, I still can see, as a part of kinder and gentler society, one needs to help on their kids’ medical bill. After all, kids have no mean to be responsible themselves. They are vernerable but, absolutely, not the adults.

To be a fair society, one can only ask about equal chance, equal opportunity and equal starting point at the gate with leveled playing fields. To ask for equal results and un-equal wealth re-distribution isn’t the way to go. Just look across the ocean, there is a reflection upon all of us. China is becoming more capitalistic (more prosperous) while the USA is slipping into more socialism (encouraging laziness and with less incentive to hard working.) And everyone knows, even with all its pitfalls, capitalism has served us well. It is the driving force that make all of us very different from other people and be very proud of ourselves.

5 thoughts on “We Made History Last Night”

  1. The first changes under the new health care law will be easy to see and not long in coming: There'll be $250 rebate checks for seniors in the Medicare drug coverage gap,…

    But, I still don't like the government gets involved in operating any commerce activity 🙂

  2. I just found out last night that all insurance companies are required to submit a new 1099-OC (OC is suggested here to identify ObamaCare) to IRS on each individual America, hopefully including all the illegals 🙂 And IRS has the power to judge that this line item is within "minimum essential (?) to cover their insurance required by this new Health Care Law"

    In short, more authority and more work for IRS. Therefore, IRS needs to hire more people to do the work. More work, more money and more taxes for everyone along the way.

    If we were promised so much, the average tax rate for Americans should be at 40-50% range, instead of 15-20% now.

    Additionally, if this new Health Care Bill is so good, why not all these congreemen and congresswomen join in. Nancy and Obama too 🙂

    How about that?

  3. Something has to change. The healthcare in this country is going to bankrupt this country at the rate we are going. If others have better ideas than what got passed then I suggest sending that info on to congress. But the bottom line is that change was inevitable.

  4. Talking about government, recently, I was really impressed about the Employment Development Department (EDD) of the State of California. They were extremely helpful beyond my expection and imagination. I hope all the government organizations will follow their example and lead.

    I am in favor of incremental "changes", not wholesome "changes" advocated in this piece of legislation.

    In order words, I would rather see the government, in order to demonstrate their abilities to do things right, fixes all the wastes out there before getting on any else …

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