What a crazy week.

Busy week! But it’s been so beautiful outside, I hardly can complain.

Green things coming up out of the ground:


I’m still trying to knit, I have a few flesh and blood knitting friends and we actually are going to sit around and knit together. It’s more fun to knit when you have a (few) knitting friends.


And I bought a half-dead orchid at Lowe’s for just five dollars. I’m hoping it blooms someday.


2 thoughts on “What a crazy week.”

  1. Uh oh on the Legos. I was saving mine for when we see you guys in April. Maybe I'll go get him a book instead. Feed and water the orchid once a week (rainwater is best) and cut it just past that yellowing area.

  2. Oh, Vince loves any and all Legos even the one he has already. I'm sick of Legos as there are a million pieces. Also, about the orchid, the whole stem turned yellow today. I think I'll have to clip the whole thing off.

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