Buying prevacid and other news.

I forgot to buy Prevacid at the drugstore yesterday to treat Edda’s night time crying. I remembered just at 5:30 pm as we were headed out to a slightly mandatory au pair/pizza/charity meeting and Edda cried during the whole car trip as if I was slowly torturing her by making her leave the house and have a slice of pizza. She eagerly ate the pizza (2 slices), but on the way home, large tears came down over her chapped cheeks. But 2 hours after the pizza, right before Edda went to bed, she pooped and then went to bed peacefully. So if I had bought the Prevacid yesterday and given it to her with the pizza dinner, I would have thought, Hey! That worked great! and kept giving her the medicine. What a crap shoot.

The Accord needed $1000 worth of repairs today which was on top of the $400 spent on a new set of tires. It was an expensive day.

Vince had his 8 year-old well child checkup today. He’s so grown up now – he needed a couple of shots and he did not wail or protest. He cried a little bit, but held still and lived through it. We soothed the hurt with a slushie from 7-11.

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