A little too much scheduled.

I like keeping the house humming with activity, but ever since we came home from vacation, we have been just a little too busy. Jeremy’s been out of town and back and furiously working, I’ve been trying to manage work which has been more challenging than usual and I’ve made more trips into the office – lots of attorney’s phone calls and arguments. Also, as I become a more experienced patent examiner and I’m ready to take on more responsibilities, my work is being scrutinized more carefully by reviewers, which has also been a little stressful. Vince has a schedule which needs carpool and neighborly coordination. And Edda is still crying at bed time. Again tonight, it was the same thing, totally happy during the day and at all meal times and at school. But when it’s bedtime, plaintive crying for no apparent reason. I guess we’ll try the Prevacid again and if that works, I guess that’ll be that, but I suppose if it continues I’ll need to set up an appointment with a GI person (although it could be something completely different than her gut). I am a much calmer person when Edda is happy all the time (and it’s OK if she’s mad if you don’t have the right video in the DVD player or if she’s tired of waiting in line or something that has some REASON to be mad/sad), but this inconsolable, unknown crying which lasts a long time is so hard to take. I hope it ends soon.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of knitting, which since this photo was taken, I’ve managed to mess up because of miscounting # of stitches on the way home on the Metro. I’ll have to rip out some rows and start again. Oh and as an aside, I met a person on the Metro who saw me knitting and told me she reported to Wendy of Wendy Knits! fame who is a manager at the Department of Labor. Knitting has it’s own online world which is incredibly active and there are superstars and Wendy is one of them. Ahhh, so close to (knitting) fame! Almost as exciting as the day I let Bob Costas cut in line in front of me at La Guardia or the time I talked to Mia Farrow for 10 minutes about how warm to keep a house.


Here are some things I find interesting on the web:

A review of the Bard Conservatory playing at Alice Tully Hall, you can see Bob, Jeremy’s dad, in the photo in the background playing cello.

A science catfight! Is global warming caused by man? Jeremy’s coworker from UCS got onto Colbert Report.

A girl with Rett Syndrome composes music and types full sentences.

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  1. Dad, I think you have an old version of internet explorer. Work has an old version of internet explorer and the white background doesn't show up. Upgrade to Firefox or Chrome, you can google those and find the downloads.

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