Chen Shu-chu

Believe it or not. One of the hottest news in Taiwan these days is about an old lady called Chen Shu-chu. The following is from Wikipedia about her.

Chen Shu-chu is a 59 years old vegetable vendor in Taitung Central Market in Eastern Taiwan. She gives generously with her modest incomes. She is selected as one of the Time 100 for year 2010 in the Heroes category[1]. She is also one of the 48 heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes Aisa[2].

Over the years, she donated about US$70,000.00 to the local charities. She has a bad foot which badly needs medical attention. She carries a US$3.00 bag and a big smile with her all the time.

After winning her honor from TIME magazine, originally, she didn’t want to come to New York to receive her honor. But with the urges from the President, County Chief, local officials and everyone else, she came with VIP treatment from passport officials, high ranking government officials, US visa office, airlines, pilots, flight attendants and fellow passengers.

It is really a Cinderella story that everyone here (Taiwan) is very proud of. I am too!

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