Knee deep in tadpoles.

A few weeks ago, Vince and pals were down by the river and they caught a few tadpoles. I was out for the evening, so I didn’t see them until the next morning where the ‘poles were languishing around in a Tupperware container not looking too happy:


I tried to tell Vince that no way, no how were we keeping the tadpoles and that they needed to go back to the river with their tadpole moms and dads. I thought Jeremy would back me up on this 100% as he is anti-goldfish. But Jeremy did not back me up, he thought we needed to keep them and take care of the and then if they die we will all learn our lesson. I have now invested at least $40 equipping these tadpoles with a tank, filter, chlorine dissipater, siphon tubing and gravel.


We are feeding them boiled lettuce per the instructions on the internet. We also made a deal with Vince that once they turn into frogs, they are going back into the river. According to the internet, based on this agreement, I would only be responsible for tadpoles for max 3 weeks. It’s been a week and they have been chowing down and pooping and I have seen no evidence of appendages.


3 thoughts on “Knee deep in tadpoles.”

  1. Love this post, Doris! Entertaining. There's no way I'd touch those tadpoles, let alone invest in their care, so kudos to you!

  2. S – no names yet. I just read on the internet that the 3 weeks was mistaken, it might take up to a year! I certainly hope not.

    A- tadpoles are in your future! trust me. 😉

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