I still have my little photography business floating in the back of my mind. I thought I’d open the little business and use whatever I made to donate to Rett Syndrome research. I’ve been not as interested in it lately, I know a photography business is relatively cheap to start, but still, it is some money for equipment, software and such things, but more than $, it’s the time and energy, neither of which I feel like I have right now. Someday! There is so much cool stuff to try and do in this world on top of just the regular stuff like making lunches, doing laundry, calling the exterminator, coordinating child care – stuff including starting your own business, learn to play ping pong, visit the Midwest, take ballet lessons, be better at Scrabble, cook more than just spaghetti and fish sticks, etc. – , I hope I don’t put off too much of it while I’m busy surfing the internet.

I’m slowing working up to actually taking photos of other people. I’ve done a few favors for people in the past and this weekend, I did a session with a friend of mine. I think this one is the best shot I got. Nice even light – I think a little more of her face and a little less of her body would have been better, and maybe a schooch more turned towards me, but I think it’s not too shabby.


3 thoughts on “Photography.”

  1. I think this is a nice photo and I love your pictures. I think you should do a project involving kids with Rett's to make the world more aware of it.

  2. Well, if you can be persistence & enjoyable, Mom & Dad would like to be your non-working partners on this or anything else that you and/or Donald would like to pursue "on the side." The key for me is "on the side".

    See, right now, "if we invest on something and it yields back 100% within 5 or 10 years." Probably to us is not enough a driving force for us because of our ages. And all investment carries a lot of hard work and headaches with them.

    But, investment for the future, is extra important for your generation despite headaches and busy running around.

  3. I think the whole shoot was amazing. I keep getting back positive comments from family and friends – every time someone new sees the photos, they are just astounded. 🙂

    Doris, you rock.

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