Summer chores.

A few days ago, we wrote up a list of summer chores. Jeremy got a lot of kitchen chores, Vincent is trying to work on spelling word wall words and taking out the trash, I’m in charge of lawn mowing and laundry, Edda’s chores are to go on at least one neighborhood walk a week and to get used to going to the pool. I was thinking today that I should just cross off Edda’s chore list and just say that her summer chore is to get tan! That will mean that she’s outside a lot and moving her body or just enjoying the outside world.

Edda on her neighborhood walk this morning – out at the dog park!



Ruby is not very good at living up to her name – “RETRIEVER”. She chases the ball, gets the ball and sits down and chews on the ball. No retrieving this morning.


Edda all fancy behind a fence.


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