WA Income Tax & OR Sales Tax

There are tax-related propositions this November for the States of Washington & Oregon. In Washington, there is a proposed income tax for families making $200,000.00 or more. In Oregon, there is a proposed sales tax for out-of-state visitors.

We live along the state line in Washington. If passed, I am sure that $200,000.00 limit will be lowered gradually every year until it catches 80% of all the population. And as the sales tax is concerned, Oregon is trying to balance its budgets with some extra income. It may work and it may not. It all depends on how expensive gasoline will cost.

In November, we are going to vote “NO” in Washington State 🙂

4 thoughts on “WA Income Tax & OR Sales Tax”

  1. before voting no in WA state, I urge you to look into the hit the Disability community has taken in the past two years. We are losing family suppor funding, advocacy funding, medical funding, and special education seems to be the one that takes the hit for education cuts. Last years budget cut 94 million dollars from Human services relevant to individuals with disabilities. We need to get back the things we are losing. We need funding to build the community based model, so that when kids like Caitlyn and Edda grow up, we have a choice beyond our home or an institution. The population that gets hit time after time is the elderly and disabled. We can't afford any more hits.

    On another note…There is a family conference for the Northwest Rett Syndrome Foundation in Redmond, OR this summer.

  2. Yes, everyone is in a bind during this economic downturn. Hopefully, it will get better.

    But, stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars first. Stop the fraudulent lawsuit using our tax dollars in the name of "illegals."

    Even with "Half of Americans reject President Barack Obama's lawsuit against Arizona's controversial immigration law, with only a third supporting the move, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.", there are still these expenses which I am sure will support a awful lot disability communities plus much more.

  3. With all due respect to both of the foregoing posters, I would like to add two points.

    Everyone in America has their own needs and/or desires which must be funded by taxpayer dollars. These can range from simple things like roads and running water, to yes, care for disabled relatives. The question should always be to maximize the societal benefit from those monies.

    If you're looking to save taxpayer dollars, the answer is not cutting services for the disabled, or on illegals. Take a look at http://www.wallstats.com/deathandtaxes/. We spend 63% of the federal budget on national security and the military, vs. 37% domestically. The fact that many military contracts are obscenely large and shrouded in secrecy only adds to their value as a target for saving taxpayers' money.

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