Faux – appendicitis.

About noon today, Vince hobbled into my office clutching his stomach and doubled over in pain. I poked around his stomach and there was a specific point of extreme pain, so I thought, crappy, appendicitis. I rushed him over to the hospital – I carried him over from the car to the ER because he was in so much pain he couldn’t walk. We were in a room within 10 minutes.

Ten minutes after settling into the room, Vince was still in a lot of pain, the doctor felt around his stomach – the sharp pain was on the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. Apparently that is not the location of your appendix. Appendices are in the lower RIGHT quadrant of one’s abdomen. Anyways, long story short, took an X-ray and determined that Vince was just CONSTIPATED. Two hours after we checked in, Vince was back to his normal self.

He is fine. I feel silly.

I never knew constipation can be really painful, but we (Vince and I) surmised that Edda (who is often constipated) must often feel pain in her belly and maybe being constipated makes her scream sometimes when she is trying to fall asleep.

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