Go Patriots!

Went to my 20th high school reunion this weekend. I had a great time! Better than I thought I would! These are some of my best friends from high school. Yes, we are all Asian. But we aren’t all Chinese!


Jeremy not only had our kids for the evening, but also volunteered to babysit a 1-year-old! I was a little nervous when I left for the reunion, I could see the intersection of Edda and the one-year-old’s bedtime (simultaneous) and I could see that it might not be easy for one person to handle. But Jeremy had a great night and Vince was his baby-sitter assistant, keeping either Edda or the one-year-old entertained or soothed when Jeremy had to tend to the other.

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  1. Hey there Doris. We just got back from Montana and Canada visiting Glacier Natl. Park and Warton Natl Park. Beautiful. Love all the photos on your blog. I've missed seeing them.

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