Mom’s Woodwork & More Hiking …

Mom is very interested in woodworking. Her father was a very skilled part-time carpenter. He made several pieces of our furniture without any nail on it. His basic tools were a saw, a hammer, a chisel and a surfacer. Then he made any other tools to fit his work, like work bench, etc.
The first picture above showed that Mom, with the help of her part-time carpenter friend, was working on her project – 4 piece extensions for her long table to sit people of 12 with turntable in the middle. She was working in the garage of her friend. There, it houses a lot of woodworking tools.
The next picture is about more hiking. Here, the air is good & cool, a lot of shaded hiking trails scattered around within a short distance.
Btw, I am working on Mom’s project in our backyard. When I have time, I will take pictures and put on the blog.

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