I have been working through the doldrums of August. Both of the kids are at home full time until school starts on the 30th, Eliana is feeling pretty sick, both Jeremy and I are swamped at work. I pride myself on being able to juggle a lot of things – but these past few weeks have been hectic and I have not been able to manage everything with my usual cheerfulness. The car sprung a leak while Jeremy was out of town, the fridge is intermittently not able to keep our frozen things frozen and the gutters need some tender loving care after the storms of the summer.

Yesterday, Eliana came down for work at 9 am and I took one look at her and realized that she was too sick to take care of the kids and sent her back up to bed. I told Vince (in a stern managerial tone) that he was in charge and that I needed to put in a full day of work and that he needed to watch Edda. I set up the baby monitor downstairs with the kids and went upstairs to work. I did take a lunch break where I made them a hot lunch and Eliana did poke her head into the living room between doctor appointments and naps and changed Edda’s diaper, but Vince, man, he really pulled it together and was the babysitter for the day. Gave Edda snacks (grapes) and juice. Made himself snacks (microwave popcorn), changed videos, did arts and crafts, put Edda down for a nap (!). I didn’t hear a peep from the kids until I logged off work late in the afternoon.

Here’s a photo of Edda at Brookside Gardens enjoying the butterflies and the flowers.


5 thoughts on “Re-righting.”

  1. I am so NOT surprised at Vince's ability to step up to the plate and help out. He is just an amazing kid. Brillant, even. I think this kind of responsibility is only going to help him out in the future. I'm so proud to know him.

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