Slow Internet Link

Recently, we lost our free high-speed Internet link from our nearby High School (guessing.) We do have the dial-up Netzero slow link everywhere in USA though for our secured banking stuff via land line.

Therefore, we discovered that our local library and McDonald’s can help – they provide free wifi services. Since it is a small town and distance-wise, anything in it really does not make that much a difference. But, guess what, library isn’t that reliable as McDonald’s.

That reinforces my feeling (bias, maybe?) that government isn’t as reliable as private sectors doing the right thing in economic matters. The government can only set up policy as well serve as a watch dog on behalf of its citizens.

As employment sinks further, government employment is increasing at an alarming rate. I don’t think this Obama-noics is going to work. he is working on health care, wall street new regulations with a brand-new agency (where is the old SEC?) &, of course, the mosque a lot (an unfornate distraction.) But, how about the unemployment ?

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  1. Noel, do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government of a nation should provide free internet to its citizens.

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