Worried about Little.

Eliana and Vince are headed downtown to see the Nationals game tonight with a bunch of people from Jeremy’s work. We are trying to save him from being a Yankees fan, which I suppose is not in vogue these days. It looks like it’s about to pour outside – I don’t think getting really, really wet will be helpful in convincing Vince that the Nationals are the team to root for – although maybe it will be a plus, you can never tell with that child.

Edda and I are suppose to have a spa night, although I forgot to borrow some nail polish from Eliana as I am a tom boy through and through and don’t own any makeup to save my life. Edda might have to settle for a shampoo and blowout and hand massage with some lotion. Now that she wears her helmet for most of the day, you can’t really see her beautiful hair and her head does end up smelling like a rugby player after practice.


I have been a little worried about Little’s (the tadpole) development. He has grown tiny, tiny back legs which don’t seem to be able to move and he grew them weeks and weeks ago. And even though he eats enough and poops an ungodly amount of green poop, he does not want to seem to transform into a frog.

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