Edda at church.


I took Edda to church this past Sunday. I don’t usually take Edda with me because I’m usually in the nursery taking care of toddlers or I want to sit in the service without worrying about Edda being loud and boisterous. This Sunday, as it was so beautiful outside, and Edda hadn’t yet left the house since Friday afternoon, I decided that Edda would come with me and Vince and we walked in the beautiful weather.


Edda did start the service by sleeping. But she soon woke up and started saying “Ba! Ba!”. I clamped my hand over her mouth hoping that she’d quiet down, but to no avail. Then she started licking the inside of my hand. Classic Edda.


We ended up in the crying room which I don’t like. I like siting in the sanctuary with the candles and the people around me. Oh well. I did get to meet a really cute 5 month old in the crying room.

3 thoughts on “Edda at church.”

  1. Hi, I follow your blog somewhat regularly. I don't think I've commented before, but I love your pics and writing. This post made me laugh, actually out loud a little. My Nora does the same thing in our services and when I try to cover her mouth for a "be quiet" que, she just sticks her little tongue out like you said and licks away.

    I love reading about the similarities between our daughters. 🙂 Anyway, couldn't resist a comment this time.


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