Learning to swim.

Vince is an adequate swimmer. However, he is easily distracted and excitable and when he is swimming he has sometimes found himself in deeper water than he’d like to be in and a little panic sets (for him and me) in which leads to some flailing (him) which is not completely reassuring (me). Sometimes I wish he was a little bit more cautious and concerned with self-preservation, but we can’t all be fearful, otherwise we’d all be stuck in our houses picking our teeth.

So swim lessons, again and hopefully not forever, we are not trying to make the swim team, we are just trying not to drown. An admirable goal, I think.


That hair is driving me crazy. But he won’t let me touch it. And I promised myself when I had kids I wouldn’t mess with their hair. At least he should use a swim cap to keep it out of his eyes, but I forgot to pack it.


Lessons in the exact same pool I learned to swim in. Ahhh, nostalgia.


3 thoughts on “Learning to swim.”

  1. I deleted my previous comment. It was just too early in morning and, evidently, not too cohesive to constitute even a sentence.

    What I liked to say it that "I remembered Rena & I took Doris & Donald to swimming pool almost nightly until they had learned how to swim"

    Sound like a sentence?

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