Luray caverns.

(Still blogging about last weekend.)

The morning started off cloudy:


After breakfast, we tromped 0.8 miles to the top of Stony Man mountain – 1 hour uphill, 15 minutes back down to the car.


After our night at the Skyland resort, we drove to Luray Caverns. I remember going as a child – but I didn’t remember much else. I went up to the ticket counter and I asked how long the tour was, if there was a wait, if the tour was ADA accessible and finally I asked if it would be alright if we sat with Ruby outside on the front walkway (I was thinking we’d take turns taking the tour, or maybe only half of us would go into the caverns) – it was now well into the 70s, no longer cloudy, and not a spot of shade in the parking lot, so Ruby could not be left in the car. Turns out, the tour was kind of accessible, self guided and they had a spot for Ruby away from the crowds at the employees only area. Pretty cool!

Edda’s stroller going down the lift:


The caverns:



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  1. Hey this is so cool. We went there too (because I collect LuRay dishes) but did not go in – only used the facilities. So, it is cool to see what we missed.

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