Practicing turkey.


We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Jeremy and Vince are determined to practice for Thanksgiving, most importantly, trying to perfect the gravy (which we have never been able to do in the past because you only usually get one shot and then it’s all over and we usually don’t get it to thicken just right). So Jeremy declared that we are going to roast a turkey (or part of a turkey) every week until Thanksgiving. I usually eat turkey only once a year, it is strange to eat it on a Monday night in the middle of September, but whatever makes you happy sweetie!

Eliana asked what a turkey was (apparently turkey consumption is not high in Columbia). Vince asked if she remembered that big black bird outside the house eating the dead road kill squirrel a few months ago. I told him that was a turkey VULTURE and not the turkey we were eating. Vince said, yeah, I know, but it’s like almost the same.

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  1. tell Jeremy I can give him a super easy gravy recipe. I do it all the time. It's my grandma's recipe. She'd make it every Sunday after church. It just takes a cast iron skillet and some practice. If that is the type of gravy he means.

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