Skyland resort!

Jeremy’s birthday and my birthday are a week apart and toss in our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and we have a maelstrom of dates that need celebrating. I always want to do something low-key (aka, peck-on-the-cheek and a quick squeeze of the hand) and I think Jeremy likes something a little more exciting (which is anything else). Every year, I think my method of celebration wins out and I think Jeremy ends up feeling a little disappointed. This year, we got our act together a few months ago and decided that we’d spend the weekend between our birthdays at the Skyland Resort – a hotel in the middle of Shenandoah National Park. It turned out to be one of the best birthday gifts ever.


It was the most beautiful weekend ever. We got to bring Ruby too!


Jeremy and Edda are planning out some hikes. We knew Ruby could be in the park while on a 6-foot-leash, but we didn’t realize that Ruby was not allowed on the most popular hikes. Turns out the most popular hikes are generally the easiest and shortest hikes also known as the perfect Edda hikes. We decided that we needed Ruby to be certified as a service dog so she could go on the easy hikes with Edda. Hmmm…


We also got Edda’s access pass to the National Parks. It means that Edda (and her guests) have a lifetime, free admission to all the National Parks because of her disability.


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