20 mile bike ride.


For a family that bikes as much as we do, we have very low-tech bikes. All of our bikes are salvaged from Goodwill or passed down through siblings or procured from neighborhood yard sales. Our bikes probably leave the garage on outings more often than our cars leave the garage. We don’t do long haul biking – most of our trips are less than 4 miles – to the Metro, to church, to school, to the library, to the grocery store and to the pizza/ice cream joint. But not today! The boys took their bikes and rode 20 miles on the C & O canal. Jeremy and Vince are planning (with the scouts) to ride the whole length of the canal over the next 3 years (184 miles!). I actually contemplated going with them and taking Edda her trailer, but 20 miles is a long way to be bouncing in a trailer; they were gone from the house from 9 am – 6 pm which really was going to be too much for Edda.




Another beautiful October weekend! I love autumn!


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