Date night.

Last night, Jeremy and I went to IKEA for date night. We needed to return some cabinets which were the wrong size and we thought that going to IKEA would be relaxing and fun! However, we spent a long time waiting, first in the return line, then at the kitchen remodel section, and then finally waiting for the items to be pulled. All the colorful colors were not enough to make us feel like we were out on the town and reveling in each other’s company. We were out on date night doing errands. We were out way past our bed-time (9:15 pm) and the $1 frozen yogurt did not seem to make up for the weariness that we both felt. At least we managed to get all of our goodies into our sedan, unlike the two girls across the parking lot from us who looked like they were trying to fit a sofa and and bookshelf into a beat up Nissan Maxima.

Today, the insurance folks came to look at the hole in the roof. It’s still pretty hard to see from the outside, you can just make it out if you know what you are looking for and use a pair of binoculars. Of course, the repair is going to come in just under our deductible, which is not super high but high enough to think ouch (we didn’t really budget a tree-falling-into-the-house fund), so I think we are just going to fix it ourselves. Well, not ourselves ourselves, ourselves meaning hiring a roofer and paying them ourselves.

We’ve finally figured out how to extend Edda’s wheelchair feet – so now she actually fits and her knees are not all akimbo. It only took 2 people both with advanced engineering degrees a year to figure it out.


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  1. I like IKEA but it is an exhausting place. Pick a good roofer who will come back if the job isn't done well the first time. Maybe interview who the insurance company might use or check the BBB list.

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