The Monster Mash.

My friend, Jennifer, is moonlighting as a back-up singer for a local kid-rock band. Edda and I went to see them on Sunday at the Austin Grill which, having lived in Austin during our era of no-kids and two professional incomes (which = eating out a lot), does not compare to Chuy’s food-wise, but I give them a thumb’s up for supporting local bands and causes.


They are dubbed – Here Comes Trouble!


4 thoughts on “The Monster Mash.”

  1. Looks like fun, and I couldn't imagine our life without Chuy's! 🙂 Although we don't get to eat there often enough, it never disappoints us! I'll be happy to mail you some jalapeño ranch dip!

  2. I can't believe that there isn't another RS family in the area that wants to hang out. I do miss Austin quite a bit – I love all the food trucks that have popped up all over the place.

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