Vast amouts of time.

Vince is grounded this week. While the reason for his grounding is not blogging material, I can tell you what he won’t be doing this week. He won’t have any screen time (no youtube, no angry birds (which is great fun by the way), no netflix downloads, no wii). (God, do we really have that many ways to entertain ourselves?!? Crazy.) He won’t have any playdates – I’ve already had to cancel a cub scout outing, a sleepover and movie night at the school. He has an extra chore every day this week, today was sorting toys to give away to charity. We do not ground him very often, so we don’t have a set rules for what his punishment should be, but this seemed to fit his offense.

Actually, as we noticed today – without all the extra screen time, Vince has been drawing pictures, reading to Edda and being extra nice and helpful; maybe we should limit his computer time more frequently. He did complain that Edda got to watch TV and I said that Edda wasn’t grounded and he groused that Edda would probably never be grounded in her life. And I had to acknowledge that Edda would indeed probably never be grounded in her life, but that Vince probably had the better deal in general, with him, you know, being an able-bodied person.

Anyways, that’s what’s going on over here. Jeremy’s been filming himself for the past few weeks. Part of his job involves “media” and “outreach” which is not what he has a lot of training in. Ask him about statistical mechanics or excel spreadsheets and he’s all over it, ask him about how to be a talking head, and it’s a little bit harder. I’m hoping to link to a video soon, someday.


3 thoughts on “Vast amouts of time.”

  1. Jeremy looks very serious. Relax 🙂

    Too much freedom is not very good to everyone. Too much TV, computer, etc. is no good eihter. Some punishment is needed for everyone. Resposibility and freedom are in parallel. We can not have freedom without resposibility.

    We rewarded the financial sector persons while they were making huge mistake which was a very bad example.

    The USA is heading toward the wrong direction.

  2. I know about the noticing and the computer. Josh usually types all his correspondences but he lost the computer last week and we wnet on a date. When I came home he was writing the old fashion way a letter to his grandfather.

    Jeremy, first thing I learned when working on commercials in wardrobe is never dress the talent in white or cream colored shirts when filming. The color doesn't translate well to the camera. Notice on tv actors rarely wear white. I bet you are great at it.

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