Family Dinner & 2011 Family Re-union

Last night, we had a much quieter family dinner following the house-packed Thanksgiving Dinner with all the Martins, all the Blooms, all other relatives and many friends. Oh, of course, that delicious one at Gene & Bette’s place right after Thanksgiving Day. Rena and I enjoyed all three very much.

It was awfully good to see Donald around. He is the one that Rena and I haven’t seen enough of after he took off to college. From time to time, we visited him in the Bay area while passing by. But, fortunately, we kind of have an annual family re-union, on and off. At least, this way, we can all get together once a year. Therefore, Rena and I would like to keep this yearly re-union on going.

Yes, this time, in the dinner, we all decided to hold one for next year (2011) in the Pacific Northwest around Washougal, WA area, during the later part of August. Rena and I are very excited and look forward to seeing them all there in August, 2011.

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