Modern medicine sucks sometimes.


Edda (and by extension, her parents as well) is still not sleeping well. She’s usually up at 3:15 (sometimes because of a seizure, sometimes not). Then she’s up for an hour watching TV while one of us sleeps in her bed and then at 4:15 or 4:30, when the soundtracks of Dora and Nemo are too much for me, I wrangle her back to bed for mmaaayybe another hour of sleep before Maxi starts barking at 5:15 am.

Then she ends up sleeping at odd times during the day, for longer than usual.


We are kind of at a cross roads with her seizure medication. We are at the full dose for Keppra now (albeit at a relatively low therapeutic dose) and Edda’s noodle-y side effects do seem to be diminishing, however, Edda’s still getting seizures on an every-other-day basis. The neuro wants us to increase the dose of Keppra. We kind of want to back off the med completely and reassess her baseline seizure level again. It’s where you kind of look at each other and shrug a little bit… which way to go? Dunno. It’s just kind of sad to have Edda bear the brunt of our little drug experiment. She’s not happy having seizures, nor is she happy with the side effects of the medication.


(I just reread this post and I’m actually in a much better mood that this entry implies, I am very excited about Thanksgiving – it really is one of my favorite holidays. And Edda is happily waiting for her dinner to be ready. We are all good.)

2 thoughts on “Modern medicine sucks sometimes.”

  1. When I read your article here, I do feel you. How we want the best for our children and then all these side effects comes as well. All these non sleep through the nights, I’ve been there as well, it is really tired for your body and your soul. That is why we move to Asia so we can get more helps for our life, but nothing is perfect; education part is really bad here. Hanging there Doris, I can only give you this
    words……..hope Edda will get better later.

    Monica (Natasha's mom)

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