Bieber fever.


We discovered Justin Beiber’s new song just the other day. Alas, we don’t learn about these teen heartthrobs via Edda as she often keeps her own feelings of teen pop admiration very much under wraps – rather we learned about the new Beiber tune via an NPR story. The jist of the story is just that this particular Beiber song did not make it very high on the Billboard charts, but it is the #1 viewed video on YouTube of all time with 400 million hits. That’s like almost half a billion views. And we added our two or three hits ourselves.

Here’s Jeremy learning the moves. To augment our standard couple-dom repertoire of holding hands and hugs and good-bye kisses – we are adding the pointing followed by two thumps to our chest with our fist to indicate affection.


Vince’s moves –


I find this photo amusing – Vince (with glint in eye) is trying to include Edda in the family dancing by picking her up and moving her with the music. Edda is not pleased. In the background, Jeremy is intently studying Bieber’s moves and trying to imitate.


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