Christmas pageant.

Vince and Edda were in their first Christmas pageant. Vince had a speaking role, he was cast as the innkeeper, with a wife and a daughter (both were older and taller than he was). He had the famous line – “I’m sorry, there is no room at the inn…” As we were driving to church this morning, he admitted that it was hard to have a wife. Why? I dunno. Here he is considering the strawberry cream cheese he put on his bagel.


Edda was a sheep in the stable. I’m not sure how excited she was about being a sheep, but I was pretty excited that I got to play her shepherd which is, of course, a metaphor of our roles in real life. Edda can be pretty loud sometimes, especially when everyone else is being quiet, so I was half hoping that she would be asleep during the play, but perhaps some holy spirit was watching out for us as she made it through the 30 minutes that she was on stage wide awake (not entirely thrilled) and hardly a peep (or a Baaaaa!)


These are photos from rehearsal yesterday, I wanted to share a photo of Mary being a little bit silly!


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