Friday night dinner –

My mom’s arthritis in her thumbs is acting up so my dad volunteered to cook for our weekly Friday night dinner. It’s not often you see Dad in front of a stove stir-frying.



One thought on “Friday night dinner –”

  1. Rena's fingers are stiffing up and being painful. Therefore, I volunteer to cook, with her at my side as my cooking technical adviser. However, she said "add one tea spoon of this", but I always added either more or less than one tea spoon. Just didn't like to follow her instructions. She asked me why? I said I have followed her instructions a lot already. I said this time I was determined not going to be in line with hers and, most importantly, be innovative 🙂 Then she said why I needed her here beside the stove. I said her present gave me a warm feeling about my cooking. Or otherwise, I didn't know what I was doing.

    In addition, I told her, when I was in school with my poor grades shadowed me all the time was all due to my teachers. They didn't teach me well. But, this time, if my cooking is bad, my cooking adviser is perfect 🙂 I am only the one to be blamed. How about that?

    Seriously and hopefully, Rena's fingers are going to get better soon. Or otherwise, if Rena doesn't mind, I would rather going to McDonald's with her to have our dollar menu meals. It is much easier and it is nutritious too.

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