I am still blogging about the long weekend.

My mother told me that I would never find myself a husband because I didn’t know how to cook. Now I know how to cook – I learned most everything I know about cooking from my husband! Jeremy cooked so much this weekend and he loved every minute of it (including the part where he melted plastic wrap all over a brand new turkey pan).

These are sticky buns for a brunch we hosted:





4 thoughts on “I am still blogging about the long weekend.”

  1. Great! Cooking is an enjoyment and kitchen is just like chemistry lab. The difference is that the stuff from kitchen is delicious and the stuff from lab is poison.

    I am happy that you know how to cook.

  2. Well, Jeremy is just the opposite of me (ie., Noel). I don't like to cook, but I love food 🙂 All food is delicious so long as it is already being prepared.

    Therefore, besides Rena's, I love McDonald's dollar menu. Cheese burger and side salad are about a dollar each. Pretty nutricious and affordable. At McDonald's, Senior regular coffee is about 35 cents to 85 cents. With a refill, the price drops to half. Good deal. I don't like Starbucks', just too expensive and trendy. I don't like decaff either because the chemical used to get rid of caff probably is more harmful than caff itself.

    Mom just fed me with a big, delicious breakfast and I need to get on treadmill now 🙂

  3. the sweets look yummy

    well, i like cooking but it doesn't always turn out well..

    everytime i want to cook, my mom stares at me as if she says : "please, stop this!"

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