Kiki’s surprise birthday party!

We drove to NYC this past weekend to surprise Kiki with a birthday/retirement party. And boy was Kiki surprised! Jeremy and Bob have been planning for months – lots of folks from out-of-town came to celebrate. There were Kiki’s friends from high school, college and beyond – about 30 people. (That would be two parties planned by Jeremy within 10 days of each other, we are partied out). I did not get an actual “surprise” photo. It was a little difficult to manage Edda and Vincent (who were two of the three small children in attendance) in a relatively small space with adult food and wine everywhere and allowing them both to stay up past their bedtime. So no free hands for too many photos –

The party –


The princess cake and linzer torte –


We stayed overnight in a Quality Inn in Queens which was 15 minutes from the party and yet only $127 for the night and free parking to boot! I love Queens! Edda loves hotel rooms – whenever we travel, she seems to love being in hotel rooms. The layout sometimes presents a challenge as she likes leaning up against the bed and sometimes she misjudges the width of the bed and leans back into thin air and sets herself up for a tumble…


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