Occupational therapy.


Because we are sans babysitter for a few weeks, we are juggling schedules and Jeremy and his mom were able to take Edda to occupational therapy last week and so I can post some photos of Edda having a pretty good session. Right now, Edda is getting only one private session of therapy a week which is with Deb, our favorite OT. We have no regular private PT or private speech. This past year, I decided to keep only therapies that Edda seemed to enjoy. We do have hippotherapy, although I don’t really consider it therapy because I don’t think it really does that much for Edda physically, rather I think of it as something like Hip-Hop Dance for Vince, something fun for Edda to do.

Deb and Edda spent the hour laughing and looking at each other and doing some pretty hard things for Edda to do. It always reminds us that we could do the same thing with Edda at home, but I have to admit, we don’t often work with Edda in the same way!


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  1. She just looks so healthy. And, happy. Whatever you are doing or not doing sure does seem to be the right thing.

    Hey did you get an Xmas box from us.

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